Coronavirus in Mexico linked to Colorado ski trip

The normally bustling Berkely neighborhood is idle as restaurants in Denver are prohibited from having patrons dine in. Photo: Getty

At least 14 wealthy Mexicans brought home coronavirus in February after vacationing in Vail, an upscale ski destination west of Denver.

Several of Mexico’s most prominent business leaders — including a banking executive, the chairman of Mexico’s stock exchange and the chief executive of the company that makes Jose Cuervo tequila — tested positive for the virus after the ski trip.

Public health authorities are now scrambling to find others who recently returned from the resort, including an estimated 400 people who returned on two charter planes to Jalisco.

The state’s health department said that it has already contacted 73 passengers on those flights and that roughly 40% of them report coronavirus-like symptoms but have not yet been tested.

Of Jalisco’s 27 confirmed coronavirus patients, 11 had been in Vail in recent weeks, the department said.

Mexico’s first coronavirus fatality was 41-year-old man who had recently traveled to the United States and later attended a rock concert in Mexico City.

“Until today, coronavirus in Mexico has been a problem for the elites,” journalist Luis Manuel Arellano said on Twitter. “Most infected people have financial solvency and good income. When we enter [the next phase], the epidemic will be something else — widespread and massive.”

Source: Los Angeles Times