Cocaine-filled sharks seized at Yucatan port

Drug-filled sharks were seized in 2009, as seen in this Diario de Yucatan file photo. A similar crime was revealed recently in the same port of Progreso.

Progreso, Yucatan — Frozen shark carcasses filled with cocaine and headed to the United States were seized by Yucatan police, the federal government announced.

The leader of a phony shipping company in Progreso was arrested for his part in the drug ring, officials said.

The cocaine came from Costa Rica , arrived in Yucatan and then was shipped to Florida, officials said.

The Notimex news agency released said the company was detected by the Financial Intelligence Unit of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit in conjunction with the Ministry of the Navy and Communications and Transportation.

A similar catch in Progreso was found in 2009 when the Navy seized 97 coke-filled frozen sharks, also coming from Costa Rica. Seven years later, the Navy found 24 tons of frozen swordfish in Progreso filled with illegal narcotics. They were packed on a ship coming from Ecuador.